Tours to the dive sites of Koh Tao run daily 07:30 -17:00hrs by Speedboat

Suitable for Snorkelers, Certified Divers & Introductory Divers.

Koh Tao's many bays boast beautiful beaches framed by delicate shallow reefs and the clearest water in the Gulf of Thailand . These areas are perfect for snorkeling and for easy dives. "Pinnacles" (see Chumphorn Pinnacle below) are submerged rock formations rising from depths of 20m to 40m offering dramatic seascapes of schooling fish and opportunities to see whale sharks and other large marine life. Generally we will chose a pinnacle for our certified diver s' first dive and reef for our second dive. Dive sites are rotated daily for diver s participating over multiple days. Visibility averages 15-40m.


Our Koh Tao Tour includes a first dive at Chumphorn Pinnacle for Certified Divers, on selected days(please see current schedules and prices).

This dive site consists of a huge rock pinnacle to the North-West of Koh Tao. The top of the rock is 12 m and the base of it is 36+m. The entire rock is covered with encrusting corals and organisms and its top is crowned with anemones. It attracts Jacks, Batfish, Barracuda and Snappers, forming swirling, dense schools above. Giant groupers call the deeper areas home. This dive site is the most famous for attracting Whale Sharks. Black-tip reef sharks can be seen on almost every dive. See Fish Charts.

March-October there are rarely any currents and it is not necessary to go very deep, so less experienced diver s will enjoy this dive site as much as advanced divers.

  • All tours include 2 dives(or snorkeling sessions for snorkelers on Koh Tao Tour), lunch, transfers, divemaster (Staff to Diver Ratio is 1:5)and free basic equipment rental.
  • Water temperatures range from 32 C Mar.-Oct. to 25 C Nov.-Feb. Conditions are generally easy and Strong currents and difficult conditions are rare.
  • Advertised schedules and locations may be altered without notice in the interest of customer fun and safety due to weather and water conditions or other circumstances.
  • Although on-water and in-water activities are usually possible year-round there are some times when the conditions may not be optimal. We apologize for our inability to control the weather. Please call us prior to your scheduled activity to ask about current conditions.
  • When scheduling dives please remember that scuba divers must wait at least 18 hours after diving before flying!


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